Regardless of whether you just need help with the final finishing touches, full furnishing or something in between, our goal is to turn your place into the home you dream of.

​We provide a mood board and personal shopping list with hand-picked selects from hundreds of brands.

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We focus on getting to know our client's needs by having a personal or online meeting. After the property is inspected, we create the floor plan and layout concept. Our ideas will then be presented with mood boards and functional plan. It's especially important that we do a personal or online consultation with our clients at this stage so that the subsequent design meets their desires and expectations

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A good floor plan is the key to a well-functioning construction project. We can help with technical drawings.

The construction design documentation requires the use of additional plans in certain cases. These could be electrical, mechanical or structural engineers collaborating with the co-designers: architects, builders and interior designers. Included in the collection are demolition plans, materials and fixtures, as well as specialist furniture.

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We help our clients to complete their projects without any compromises and to overcome any technical issues that may arise. We have over 8 years of experience in construction and on-site assistance.

Marso Space provides a complete suite of services related to interior design— both commercial and residential. These services include analysis of the design process and its stages in every conceivable direction.

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We conceive projects by developing creative concepts that express value in impressive and symbolic images. By focusing on visual aspects like communication. We use our analysis of products, brand positioning and goals to create images that express identity.

From creative concept to set design and interior styling: we process interior design images through modelling and photorealistic 3D renderings for advertisements and catalogues.

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Marso Space Design is a multidisciplinary design studio that aims to develop new, innovative design solutions - digital art visualization, graphic and interior design that would reflect this story, connecting the imaginary with the tangible, creating a synthesis of functionality and futurism.

With creative solutions, we create aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe spaces, product concepts, as well as create the visual image of companies with various digital solutions.

Our vision is to bring your most creative and craziest idea to life.

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Window displays and visual merchandising

Elevate Your Brand with Stunning Window Display Design and Visual Merchandising.

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Our company is devoted to bringing individuality and character to life with creative pieces of furniture, art, sculptures and more. Designing objects for the home and office that combine aesthetics, function, and practicality.

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